Hollywood Hunter
Even in camo…he doesn't blend in.


Being the only son to one of the world’s most experienced hunters, Freddy Harteis was able to learn from the very best. While his father was harvesting North America’s most desired big game trophies, Freddy joined in on many of them, not to mention traveling the world to take some of the “Big 5” of elephants, buffalos, lions, leopards, and rhinos.

From the mountains of British Columbia at age 12, to Alaskan waters, Colorado Rockies, Texas, Wyoming, Pennsylvania, and even the African bush, these are just a few of the dozen locations Freddy has taken record book animals.
Freddy has hunted hundreds of wild game including eland, cape buffalo, leopard, elephant, hyena, zebra, bushbuck, baboon, warthog, impala, dozens of whitetail deer, 15 trophy bull elk, and over 20 turkeys to count. Being an expert shot with muzzleloader, bow, or rifle, Freddy feels incredibly blessed to have had such guidance and experience within his young life.

The Harteis family in 1996 had purchased some of the most prime elk hunting real estate in Colorado, where the adventures kept growing. Freddy’s dream to run a professional outfitting business became a reality.  Freddy and his father have created a hunting adventure most people would only dream of.  His passion to host others, and bless them with memories of the outdoors, keeps him smiling everyday.

With a humble appreciation of wildlife and a dream to teach the world the responsibility in coexisting with nature, Freddy influences people with his love to “give back to the great outdoors”. Through annual  donations of meats to a variety of needy families, he’s also very excited to be launching a non-profit foundation to feed the hungry thru the proceeds of paid hunts on their family ranch, Harteis Ranch, in 2009.

Freddy’s current adventures can be viewed on the Outdoor Life Network’s “Wildlife Point Blank”, and “The Wild Outdoors” along with exciting footage, photos, and more information on how to contribute through hunting on  HYPERLINK http//www.harteisranch.com


Enjoying what life brings us.


Friends, I am so excited about developing the Hollywood Hunter website. With so many things on the list to check off, I feel it is critical to have a great site up for advertisers to see ASAP!  Aubrey Gale and I are doing everything in are power to make this HH production kick major tail.   If I could ask each one of you for one thing, it would be your prayers.  Thanks in advance!

Who’s building the site? Jinx Macabenta : http://www.fuelcels.com/

I have a great friend “Jinx”who built my Harteisranch.com website.  If you haven’t check it out,  I would love you to do so. Please  share this with your hunting friends and family.

FYI: I still have some openings for 2010 hunts.

My web designer “Jinx” is blessing me with another award-winning website.  OK, the award winner is my approval.  It isn’t easy finding the right person for the job, especially web work.  I think you all know what I mean… Our time line in getting the website up and running is the 1st of April.  I will keep you posted on the progress.  Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.

Stay tuned for:  thehollywoodhunter.com


I was so touched by the opportunity to meet so many great men affiliated with the PCBA.  I had heard so much about this organization from the Vice Pres. Aubrey Gale.  Aubrey and I have been working aggressively on the Hollywood Hunter Series.  And now understanding the background of this organization, I wanted to share this great experience with you! I will be hunting and filming with these guys in Sept and Oct 2010. I feel so blessed being part of such a great cause.

PCBA – A major emphasis is placed on reaching people with disabilities who have never been exposed to the greatest recreational therapy in the world – bow hunting and archery.

Please check out this amazing organization.  Come join us in making a difference!

PCBA: http://pcba-inc.org/pcba03/goodnews/default.htm


It was such a privilege to attend the 2010 Golden Moose Awards.  Talk about instilling a dream for me…  Had the time of my life running around with my sidekick Jubal.  Watch out friends!!  You are in for some hysterical episodes to come.  We are out to create a hunting show like no other.


Freddy Harteis had room for only one love until four years ago that he met the woman of his dreams Jeannie Mai, a successful television personality living in Hollywood, California. A celebrity stylist and fashion expert, Jeannie lives the star studded lifestyle of attending red carpet events, appearing in national magazines,  hosting Style Network’s “How Do I Look”, “Extra TV” with Mario Lopez, and reporting fashion trends on NBC’s Today Show. Now newly married, Freddy left his hunting homeland of Harrisburg, PA to join his wife in Los Angeles. Here he discovered the trend of “reality tv” has nothing to do with the reality of the hunting that takes place in the rest of the world. For the past 2 years Freddy faced a society that doesn’t understand his passion for the wild outdoors. With uncomfortable silence in conversations and critical judgement when topics about his craft are brought up, Freddy stands tall as he defends his passion with pride. (And sometimes feeling it’s everyone else that’s crazy.) Without letting city slickers get him down, Freddy creatively comes up with ways to keep up his hunting form through hiking in the Hollywood hills, practicing shoots in empty parking lots, and practicing animal calls in their apartment. Freddy’s determination now is to create a reality television show capturing his life with his celebrity wife to educate a city culture that has very little understanding and acceptance for hunting.  With much experience, talent, and drive, he is in hot pursuit to create a hunting show like none other ever seen.


Just came off  an incredible time in Ohio at the ATA trade show.  The feedback from the 1st episode of Hollywood Hunter was amazing!  One step closer to getting this show up and rolling. I had so many great experiences and conversations with some outdoor icons.


My first episode of Hollywood hunter was filmed in my home state of Pennsylvania.  I know you all think there are no good bucks back there, but every once in a while we get one like this.

Look what I found

WOW!   FYI:  Great footage!!!


Today I was blessed to meet up with 20 influential men affiliated with Mosaic church.  Anytime I can spend time with good people, good food, and good conversation, I am all smiles.  During the brunch I seemed to get the question I love most “What do you Do?”  One conversation sticks out to me the most.  A highly respected screen writer approached me with the question “Why do you hunt?” He proceeded to say… I don’t believe in killing animals.  The next 20 min brought to light such a great conversation of understanding for both of us.  Even though we may never agree with each others views.  We respect the views discussed.  I was so blessed by his up front thoughts, we are totally going to connect soon to revisit this conversation.


WOW!  It sure feels good working on  a dream, praying for direction and seeing the work start to pay off.  Even though we are just beginning this journey with the Hollywood Hunter Series, everyday is an adventure getting us closer.  I have sat here just reflecting on the last few months with a major smile on my face.  Here’s why:

Is it odd or is it god? I started researching what it would take to start-up the Hollywood Hunter series back in Sept 2009.  With much surprise, I had meetings set with editors and calls out to networks trying to learn the process.  The day I had my first meeting with an editor in LA, I happen to get a call from one of the most recognized editors/producers in the outdoor world “Aubrey Gale.” Aubrey and I go back about 5 years as acquaintances from a previous show “Wildlife Point Blank” filmed on the Harteis Ranch. Aubrey had mentioned, “Freddy it’s been a while, The reason I am calling you is because I just left my previous position with ‘Scentlok.'” I asked him, What do you mean?” He replied, I was sitting down with my pastor last night asking him for direction and he said, “your next step is to think of people you respect and would like to work with.”  Freddy, “I thought of you!  Have you ever thought of getting into the outdoor business?”  My first response was, “ARE YOU KIDDING?”  And the adventure began.

Thanks for following along!  Here’s my journey, hope to keep you always following.