Hollywood Hunter
Even in camo…he doesn't blend in.


Going out in Hollywood is so much fun for you peeps who get star struck.  Jeannie and I have been blessed to attend many Red Carpet Events including the E! 20th B-Day Celebration.  I had the privilege to meet the coolest little giant with E!, Chuy.


Last night Jeannie and I rocked it out at the E!’s 20th B-day Bash in Hollywood.  What a night full of A list Celebs, and the Hollywood Hunter 😉  And of course my bride Jeannie Mai owning the Red Carpet. Stay tuned for more action with me living out my slogan:  Even in Camo…He Doesn’t Blend In.


Here is a little action clip from our previous adventure for turkeys.  Please check out my site TheHollywoodHunter.com for more footage and updates.  Enjoy!


Today was a true blessing as I watched the FOX 11 News interview Jeannie about the prayer box.  It is so amazing how god works.  The interviews taken were so touching.  To think how many dreamers there are in this city asking for gods grace is incredible.  Keep praying it up friends!  I will keep you posted on the air date.  AMEN!!!!


Jeannie ran the RED CARPET last night at the MAXIM HOT 100 Party.  What a great time we had running into Celebs like Russell Simmons to Leonardo DiCaprio.  Pretty DOPE night!  My favorite was dancing the night away with my bride.  I have to keep up on my skills…Just Kidding!!


I just came off of the most difficult turkey hunt in Colorado.  The weather was crazy cold and windy.  We had snow in May??  I thought there was global warming??? What a great combo to chase gobblers around in the Rockies.  NOT!!!  No matter what the conditions, we have a great time and manage to connect with something most of the time.

I had a privilege to take out a great friend from PA, Matt Lingle.  This guy usually needs 3 shots to bring an animal down.  Not this trip my friends!  He takes this beauty of a bird at 40 yards with his first shot.  The film is amazing the way this bad boy came in strutting you have to see.  Thank god for the Montana Decoys!!!  They saved our hide one again.  The gobbler had his eye on the prize and we had hour eye on his head.  I am looking forward to our next adventure.  Please check us out at: thehollywoodhunter.com


OMG!!!  I feel like the luckies man on this earth.  Jeannie just surprised me in NYC with the best B-Day bash ever!  Not only did we have dinner with some of the coolest friends in the world.  I was also blessed by the most incredible B-Day Rap video Produced and edited by my 2 favorite bros.  Dennis and Daniel, You guys are the best!!  I also want to shout out to everyone that rocked their talent.  Thank you so much!!

Check out the 2 B-Day celebration cakes I had from my mom and my bride.

Thanks for all the love!


A few days ago I had the unique privilege to watch my first ever elephant show in Thailand.  I could not believe how intelligent those animals were.  We saw elephants painting pictures with their trunks, kicking goals with a soccer ball, and elephant bowling tricks.  I even had the unique privilege to be lifted from the crowed for a picture.  These animals are so fascinating.  Check this out!

What am I doing?


Hello All,
its been way to long. So sorry about not being able to keep you up to date over in Asia. I was having trouble finding internet as we were traveling

“How pretty is he?”

. We had just got back into the states and it feels good! Even though we had the time of our lives, there is no place like home.

I have so much to share with you! I guess I will start with one of the most crazy things I have experienced in my life. Have any of you heard of the “Tiffany Show” in Thailand? It is a lady boy show. Jeannie, her mom, cousin, and I went on a bus tour all over Thailand. The one evening we went to the Tiffany Show.

I had never experienced anything like it before. I truly didn’t know what to think??? The pictures posted are all men who dress up as woman. Take it as it is and check out these photos. I could not believe it!! Tell me if you can tell they are men?

Crazy!! Get ready for a lot more pictures and videos. See you all soon!


I can’t believe it!! I we to my first lady boy show. Yes you heard it right. I have never even heard about this until I went to Thailand. I will have pictures of these guys dressed up as girls. Its a little freaky!! There were even guys who I could not tell they were men. Kinda scary!!

When I get a minute I will download you some pics. This place is like no where else I have been. Talk to you guys soon!!